Luna Princess from Angel Empire

Empire of Angels Lunar Phantom (ルナプリ from 天使帝國 Runapuri from Tenshi Teikoku?), lit. "Luna Princess from Angel Empire") is an action RPG for a Smartphone (iOS / Android) developed from Aiming.


Love, touch, fight a new story of girls A fascinating action RPG feels like a girl.

Best 2D Live 2D

Live2D "slimy" "girls moving, Waiting for your "" tap ""! Girls steadily boldly as they deepen their bonds ......

Powerful 3D Battle

The pretty deformed girls ramped up. Let's decide glitzy skills and extinct annihilate enemies brilliantly!

Real Time Multi Battle

Real time multi battle can be played by up to 4 people. Let's challenge a mighty enemy in cooperation with friends!

Reliable Auto Mode

People who are not good at action games are also safe. Easy play even with novice beginners with auto mode!